Hi, I'm Ammar Alhashmi 👋

Full-Stack Engineer

Data Scientist

Solving Problems

Down below you can find information on some projects on which I worked.



Backend Software Engineering | at ING | 2022

Working as a Backend Software Engineer

Backend Development | at Data Dojo | 2021

I was hired to work as a backend engineer. I built an entire API from scratch for their application. PHP and MYSQL were used

Full-stack developer| At Growficient | 2020-2021

During my graduation internship, I worked as a full-stack software engineer. I worked on security within the system, including features added to the system throughout the stack.

Authorization System in Blockchain | at CGI | 2020

During my internship I programmed a web app in javascript. I have used the framework hyperledger because i have Blockchain wanted to adjust the mechanism in the web app .

Project Big Data

During the Big Data project I have a group of 4 on an application that reflects the results of a basketball team. During this project I have used R, Javascript and HTML.

About Me

I am Ammar Alhashmi, I graduated as a software engineering at Amsterdam University Of Applied Science, 2021. In 2022 I succesfully finished my master's degree in Data Science

I specialized in Data science and Blockchain. Most of my Big Data work was in R and Python and my Blockchain work was in Javascript.

During my Education, I learned software engineering and data science skills and principles. I also did a couple of Internships and work assignments which helped me gain more knowledge as a full-stack engineer and a data scientist. During my master's degree course, I mastered how to use AI and ML to solve complicated problems in an original and innovative manner.




HTML was used almost everytime I worked on a website to build its blocks


I used CSS everytime I worked on a website for styling purposes


I used javascript a lot to make websites and web-apps


I used the state of the famous Javascript library React to work on reactive web applications


I worked on different projects where I applied blockchain technologies and principles


I used R whenever I applied Big Data techniques and principles


As a Full-Stack Engineer, I used different kinds of database such as SQP, mySQL, postgreSQL and mongoDB


Java is the programming language I used whenever I worked on datastructure and algorithms